Dental care for Patients with patience and care at Niddrie Dental Clinic

A white tooth line is aspired by everyone, a kid looks neat and tidy with proper tooth line and white shining teeth, a teenager flaunts her smile showing off her tooth and an old age person boasts how he has kept his tooth healthy and germ free all throughout his life. A healthy tooth is not just to show how much you care for your dental hygiene, but it also reflects how healthy you are from inside.


At Niddrie Dental Clinic, we have qualified and experienced doctors and dentists who are dedicated to assist you at every step to enhance your dental care and to keep your mouth free from germs. We have a special emergency care department which is always on toes if there is any emergency related with tooth decay or an accident. Our team of cosmetic surgeon will always ensure that your tooth line is in place to give you that beautiful smile that will win many hearts.

Niddrie is a popular dental care clinic situated in Melbourne, Australia offering a range of dental services like general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, treatment for dentures, emergency services etc and our dentists are available 24×7 to treat your and give you relief from the aching tooth. We also offer the facility of weekend appointments so that in case you cannot make it to our clinic during the weekdays, we are still there to serve you on weekends and treat you with the same care and concern as we give to our other patients. Our services also include treatments related with scale and clean x-rays, veneers, tooth-whitening, dental care for children and custom-made mouth guards.

It is a general feeling in the patients suffering from tooth decay or disorder that a dental clinic which is so world-class will be an expensive option and they will end up spending huge amount of money without any proper relief to their tooth problem. But this a mere myth when we talk about Niddrie, although it is world-class with all the advanced dental care machines, but still, the clinic is very much affordable by all class of people and you don’t have to dig deeper in your pockets when someone recommends you to visit Niddrie.

We offer a much transparent fees structure to our patients, one which is not based on any differential fees system, instead, and one which is uniform for everyone. We offer No Gap Dental Treatments and we are Medicare & Health Fund Preferred Provider.

We also understand that most of the patients have a fear of visiting a dental care clinic, because they have a perception that they will have to undergo surgeries like root canal or other related with dental care and has to bear pain and take lot of medications. But at Niddire, we have specially taken care of this fact and deal with patients with patience and care, calm them and counsel them on what is suitable them, whether a surgery is required or not and what would be the cost implications etc.

Niddrie is a one stop solution for all your dental issues and you can be sure to get a satisfactory result every time you visit.


Factors to be considered when planning a dental implant

There are various options to choose from when you are planning a dental treatment that would fit your budget. Dentists recommend a dental implantation to those patients who are looking for a permanent or long term solution for their tooth problems. If you have no gum problems or any other medical conditions that might come in the way of the treatment then getting a tooth implant will be much easier and faster for you. Tooth problems are very painful and disturb your daily routine. You might as well get a permanent solution than taking pain killers that will harm you in later stages.

Factors you need to consider before you are planning for get the dental implant done for missing teeth.

treatment planning

  1. Proper Consultation with Your Dentist: People usually make hasty decision when they plan for permanent teeth for their missing or damaged teeth, which is totally wrong. You need to consult your dentist first in order to make the right decision. He can have thorough look and give you the right suggestions and procedures that you might need to go through in order to get the right treatment.


You also need to make a note of the risks and the aftercare which most people forget and have problems later on. If the treatment is necessary for you the dentist will tell you the procedure and the time it will take to heal so you can be prepared.


  1. Consult Your Family Physician: It is always advisable to consult your family physician as he will know the family history with any blood or bones problems. You can make sure with your physician whether this treatment would be good or would cause any adverse effects to your health. In case you have a family history of blood or bones diseases it is not advisable to go through such treatments without the doctor’s consultation. So take the decision with a lot of thought. Sometimes taking a decision in haste may cause problems that will affect your health later on. So think twice before you decide.


  1. Have a Clear Understanding of the Procedure: Deciding to getting a tooth implant done and actually having it done are two different things. It is very important that you know that implant is different than other treatments related to dental issues. This process requires surgery where titanium screws are used to be inserted in the gums as anchors for the prosthetic tooth. They are inserted till the gums so that they hold the tooth are in in place and don’t move. There are many hospitals in Melbourne that take visitation even after hours of the hospital. In case of emergency you can always go there.


This process of healing will take weeks for the gums and bones. After the gums are totally healed the dentist will call you again to fix the prosthetic tooth in it and attached permanently to it. After surgery in your healing process you will be required to take soft not giving strain to your teeth. Too much strain my cause hindrance in the healing process, hence light, soft and liquid diet is recommended in this process.


  1. What are the benefits & how to maintain these teeth? : Implantation of missing or damaged teeth hat look like real ones. No one will ever come to know that you have prosthetic teeth unless you tell them. The finishing and the fitting of these teeth is done with so much perfection that they look like the real teeth. They stay intact with the titanium screws and give you more confidence to smile your best. You will not have any problems in maintain them as they can be looked after like your real teeth. To prevent any kind of plaque or other problems building-up in the teeth you need to regularly brush and floss your teeth.


  1. Emergency Service Available: You need to make sure that if you face any dental problems after the implant there should be emergency service available 24/7 at your dentist’s place. Waiting for appointment, or standing in long queues for your turn will not serve the purpose. There are many good dentist in Melbourne that provide emergency service 24/7 for critical situations. Yes, there would be additional charges for emergency visit of the doctors but you will be attended to immediately.


  1. Renowned Clinic: Always make sure the dentist you visit either runs a renowned clinic or is working in one of the renowned clinics in Melbourne. There may be many dentist, but all cannot be best and may not have a good background. So your research needs to complete before you plan to visit the dentist for tooth implant. You cannot take a risk for such situations, hence a good and detailed research will always help.


  1. Know the Cost of the Implant: Dental implant costs starts at $500. It depends on the quality of prosthetic teeth being used and the fees the dentist and other doctors involved in the surgery will charge. Most of these clinics do offer financial assistance or through other financial institutes associated with the clinic. If you have insurance you need to check whether dental treatments will be included, because most of the time they don’t cover them in the insurance as it part of the cosmetic treatment.


Once you know and have clearly understood the procedure and the expenses involved in the entire procedure it will become easier for you to plan the whole thing. Getting an implant done with proper planning and with all arrangements make everything hassle free. There is no point running last moment for assistance or help. Before you decide you can always take a second opinion from other dentists to make sure you are taking the right step.


Easy and simple way to bring back your beautiful and contagious smile with the help of best tooth implant done in Melbourne. Find the right dentist and take the right dental treatment. For more information visit Niddrie Dental Clinic website .

Procedure For Installation Of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are of the size of a finger nail and basically protect the enamel of the teeth without compromising the natural appearance. Dental Veneers or dental laminates are generally made out of porcelain. Some of the modern day veneers are also made from natural color resin composite material to provide that exact look and feel of your natural teeth. Dental veneers have now become a part of the dental care packages that are on offer even in many of the dental clinics in and around Melbourne including Niddrie Dental Clinic.


Dental veneers are custom-made structures and vary in shape and size with every individual. So it needs complete supervision and consultation with a dentist. The first step involves visiting your dentist and having a complete analysis of the structure of your teeth. Different people might have different reasons for installing dental veneers. One might not be comfortable with the shape of their enamel or sensitivity might be an issue. Individuals who are associated with performing arts are concerned with the external appearance especially the color. This requires many important steps and one common way is to create a dummy dental veneer to study the compatibility and adaptability with your teeth. If the dummy goes on well with your teeth then the final veneer is made or else the necessary changes are made to achieve the desired result for that great smile. Cosmetic imaging is an effective way to provide the first impression of the final result. Cosmetic imaging is to provide you with the image of your teeth with the dental veneers on.


A proper X-ray is done to get the exact nature and structure of your teeth. This would be followed by careful confiscation of quarter to half a millimeter of the dental enamel which would depend on the thickness of dental veneer that is to be placed to achieve the desired results. Prior to the removal of the enamel, the concerned dentist must consult with an anesthetic expert to tranquilize the required portion. The next step involves creating an exact impression of your dental arch so as to send this to the concerned dental lab in order to create that perfect dental veneer for you. The designated dental veneer might take anything between 10 to 15 days to be delivered.

Post delivery of the dental veneer, the veneer is repeatedly fitted and removed and also truncated to achieve the exact shape and structure. Cleaning and polishing of the enamel are done before the final placement of the veneer. The veneer is then cemented with proper adhesive and chemicals and a specially designed light beam is used to make it a perfect fit for your mouth. The bite is examined precisely and the excess adhesive is removed.

Proper dental expertise is required as there is a lot of precision and accuracy involved in it. This should be done by an expert and trained dentist who is accessible and would respond in times of emergency.

Taking care of your dental health is perhaps one of the most important aspects of maintaining your quality of life overall

Taking care of your dental health is perhaps one of the most important aspects of maintaining your quality of life overall, however we often forget to pay attention to our teeth and their condition. When you fail to regularly brush, floss, and rinse your teeth you are making yourself more susceptible to oral diseases and conditions that can often time result is costly surgery. You should see your dentist on a regularly scheduled basis of at least every 6 months. People who don’t visit the dentist on a regular basis are highly more likely to catch oral diseases that require treatment that those who do visit their dentist on a regular basis.


Preventative care is one of the biggest practices in the dental field as often times when people experience problems or issues with their teeth it is a slow process of onset before the problem will require immediate attention. In some instances you may need immediate attention depending on the severity of the dental issue.

I would recommend researching some after-hours dentist nearest you. These types of facilities are open on the weekends to service any oral emergency you may have. Make sure that you check to see if the facility is open 24/7 as some emergency dentist offices are open on the weekends but close at specific times. We at Niddrie Dental Clinic in Melbourne provides 24/7 service to all patients who require emergency dental care.

Niddrie Dental Clinic offers a wide range of treatment options to people who are experiencing emergency dental issues or any other type of oral issue. We pride ourselves on being one of the best emergency dental clinics in Melbourne and we provide quality services carried out by our highly trained team of oral professionals.

treatment planning

When you visit Niddrie Dental Clinic we treat you like family regardless of the situation at hand. We employ a team of licensed dental practitioners and nurses that have experience dealing with all kinds of emergency issues.

Our after-hours operation requires an appointment which can be set on our website. We are one of the best dental clinics in Melbourne and offer a slew of services to prove it.

Below is a list of some of our services:

  • Emergency Dental Services
  • Gentle Dental Care
  • Quality Dental Treatments
  • Afterhours Appointment
  • Latest Technology & Equipment

Plus more!

Whenever you are in need of emergency dental care in Melbourne, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment so we can help you. One of our staff members will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our procedures and services.

As you can see we at Niddrie Dental Clinic take our patients care seriously. We strive to provide top of the line service on a regular basis, anytime you need dental assistance or are in need of treatment after-hours you can contact Niddrie Dental Clinic with confidence in knowing that we care about you!

Feel free to contact us to learn more.. Visit our websites !

Your Dental Worries Can Simply Bid a Goodbye with Niddrie’s Treatments and Services

If you are residing in Melbourne and you or any of your family members face any problem with their tooth or gum than the best place you can visit is the Niddrie Dental Clinic. This clinic has been providing valuable Services to all their customers for quite some time and they are a preferred clinic by the Australian Medicare and Health Department.


They are well known because they provide quality services to their customers with their advanced technology in 24*7 dental care. They have a highly qualified team of dentists who give priority to prevention of tooth rather than unnecessary extraction.

They provide you with the best and latest techniques of dental care so that your tooth remains strong and healthy for a long time.


The Niddrie Dental Clinic are mindful of the fact that you must take adequate care of your tooth and gum from early years of your life. If you want your kids to have strong and healthy tooth and gums you must fix an appointment with them and take your kids to their clinic for consultation.


They are one of the best clinics that offer treatments for family dental health, cosmetic dental health and Emergency help. They are open round the clock, offering after hours services too. So if there is any urgent necessity in your home then you can call them and fix an appointment with the dentist, and visit them for expert advice and opinion.


Some of the important treatments that this dental practitioner specialize in are

  • Teeth whitening – if you want to have sparkling white teeth that you look attractive and charming you can book an appointment in this clinic and visit them. They can add the sparkle to your teeth by making them sparkling white and clean.
  • Dental implants – If you are facing problems like carries with any of your tooth then the best place you can visit is this clinic who will do the necessary dental implants to preserve your precious teeth.
  • Crowns and bridges- they have real mastery in providing the best crowns and bridges to your teeth to help you to get the best shape that will enhance your overall appearance.


Taking care of your teeth is vital for your good health and overall wellbeing. You cannot afford to neglect your dental health. If you want to remain healthy and stay fit you have to give proper care to your teeth and gums. The best place where you can get all the required help with regards to your teeth and gum problems is the NiddrieDental Clinic.


Niddrie employs the best dentists who have all the knowledge about the latest developments in dental health and hence capable of providing you with highest quality of services. They are the best weekend dentist Melbourne and you can check out all their details from their legally registered websites. In fact, they are the best place for all your tooth and gum problems.


Niddrie Dental Clinic’s Practitioners are Worth Your Reliance for All Your Dental Needs

It becomes really frustrating when you have to suffer from agonizing tooth ache. You need to take proper care of your teeth to save you from such painful situation. If you’re confused whom to go, the Niddrie Dental Clinic has to be your number one choice to make.

This particular clinic situated in Melbourne is a one stop solution to all your tooth related problems.

The Services that are provided by this reputed dentistry include

  • General Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist, family Dentist, Dentures, Emergency Dentists, Invisalign, and fast braces.
  • Under General Dentist they provide dental check-up, treatment planning, Scale and clean, Fillings, Root canal, Periodontics and wisdom teeth.
  • They also offer teeth whitening, crowns and bridges.

The best part about this Clinic is that it makes you feel comfortable and provides 24*7 dental care. They are among the very few dental practitioners who offer weekend dentist Melbourne for which you can make an appointment in advance.

They offer the best services to meet your Dental needs. If you face any dental problem you can visit them and they will take care of your problem with innovative treatment options. They have a highly qualified and experienced staff comprising of dentist, dental assistants and reception staff who all work coordinately, upon providing out with quality treatment.

Niddrie also has a transparent fees structure and they offer reasonable rates, which makes their services easily affordable for all. They provide no gap dental treatments and they are a preferred provider of the Medicare and health fund.

The team is fully aware of the fact that many people have in natural phobias regarding tooth extraction and treatment related with tooth ache. They try their best to make your experience a convenient one by taking care of the fact that you are comfortable and at ease first before they begin the treatment procedure.

They have the additional convenience of online booking, weekend and after hours appointment which definitely helps you to adjust with your busy schedule. They are always trying their level best to provide maximum comfort to their customers and clients.

If you face any problems related with your teeth, problems with your wisdom tooth, tooth abscessed or broken ones, you can fix an appointment with them and they will help you to get rid of all your problems with the help of their modern and up to date treatment.

At the Niddrie Dental Clinic the practitioners understand the importance of preventive dental care from an early age. So if you want your kids to enjoy having healthy gums and teeth, you can take them to this clinic where they will provide your kids with the best tooth care tips that will give them strong teeth.

Now that you have a far idea about the advantages of this unique dental clinic you can visit their official website to get more ideas about them. Once you become convinced you can get in touch with them if you face any problem with your teeth and gums.



Niddrie Dental Clinic’s Services are now for the Sunbury People too

treatment planning

For all the services and extreme level of care that Niddrie Dental Clinic offers to each and every patient, by now, it has become exceptionally popular in the region. While the clinic operates from Niddrie, the good news is that now the team is offering its facilities for Sunbury people too.

This means, if you are living in the Sunbury suburb of the Victoria region, you can now get an appointment for your tooth related treatments from the Niddrie Clinic, undoubtedly the best team in the region.

Be it in the areas of General Dentist Services, Cosmetic Treatments, Dentures, Invisalign Facilities, or any other dental treatments, Niddrie is your one stop solution for all your problems. The uniqueness of the team lies in the way they make the entire process extremely comfortable for the patients.

In most cases, it is otherwise found that people tend to be shy or uncomfortable in sharing their tooth related issues. Such factors can significantly affect the effectiveness of the treatments, since the doctors are unable to clearly detect the issues. But, if the sharing and interactions between the dentists and the patients become transparent, it helps the doctors to identify the exact problems and hence resolve them more effectively and faster too.

That’s one of the biggest considerations made by the Niddrie team. Any dentist you meet here will offer you a highly friendly environment to share your problem. This is indeed a great news for the sunbury people who, till now, lacked such efforts from dentists in the region.

Moreover, the highly advanced tools and techniques used by the team makes the team more attractive and reliable. For Niddrie, it is most important to offer the best cure possible to their patients based on a high level of innovation and effectiveness. With these professionals, you can be rest assured that your time and efforts would be worth the value you pay for the facilities offered by them.

Another major problem that patients in this suburb have been faced with is the unavailability of dentists at odd hours of the day, weekends or during times of emergencies.

With Niddrie offering their treatments for you people, you can bid goodbye to this problem too, the reason being the team’s availability for all your emergency tooth issues. The team realizes the importance of early treatment in cases of urgent problems that may often arise with teeth and sometimes delaying such treatment can lead to major issues and severity of the cases.

For all these reasons, Niddrie members are offering emergency attendance and are also available in the after hours. This means if you are busy throughout the day and get time for your check up and treatment only during the after hours, the dentists from this organization will be available for you.

For all those who have been looking for high quality, friendly, and effective treatments for your tooth related issues, the perfect solution has finally arrived your doors.