Dental clinics in Melbourne

Everyone needs a dentist, be it for regular dental check-ups or for some emergency, but, a dentist is a must to cure your anxiety related to tooth ache or any other symptom which you find awkward in your mouth. Patients due to their round the clock occupied schedule prefer dentist or dental clinics which offer 24 hours dentist and dentistry services, so that one can get an appointment at a time of their choice and convenience.

There are a lot of emergency dentist clinics in Melbourne, which offers state of the art dentistry services and a hygienic environment in which the surgery or treatment can be carried out easily. Clinics like Niddrie Dental Clinic are well-known in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs for their 24 hour services and the facility of weekend appointments, when maximum clinics are closed due to weekend.

Talking about services that are being offered in clinics across Melbourne, they largely include regular dental check-ups, wisdom tooth extraction, root canal, dentures and bridges, braces installation, cosmetic surgery and other related tasks. Few clinics in Melbourne also offer special treatments for kids and elderly people, to cater to their special needs and comfort. There is a separate department is some clinics which also take care of emergency like accidents or damage due to sports injury. This department is open all through the day and manages any emergency and provides a 100% safe treatment to the patient.

Dentist plays a very important role in addressing any discomfort which the patient is experiencing in his tooth or even the mouth and there are several clinics in Melbourne which actually has a range of experts and qualified dentists who are experienced and knows how to take care of a patient who is either having a tooth pain or suffered an injury. From a routine check-up of tooth to complete surgery, the dentists are good and reliable and will offer solutions that will make you feel comfortable.

Tooth decay is a usual problem and a lot of people are suffering from it even in Melbourne, but usually people avoid it because of their perception that consulting a dentist and getting a simple surgery done would also be big on their pockets. They keep on avoiding until the problem gets worsen and there is practically no option left, but to consult a dentist. In order to avoid such extreme situation, one should be cautious about even the early signs of decay or should not take any pain in the jaw or swelling in the mouth lightly, instead, one should immediately consult a dentist and take the next step as suggested by the dentist.

There are several dentist clinics in Melbourne, but always choose one keeping in mind features like

  1. Its history: How long the clinic has been serving the patients and what is its success ratio.
  2. Always compare the packages offered by one clinic with several others in order to arrive at the right clinic which is not charging higher rates unnecessarily and is cost effective.
  3. Always study their dentist’s profile and understand what is their qualification and years of experience.
  4. Know before you finalize the clinic whether it is recognized or not and whether it has all the requisite machines and technology to cure your problem.

Once you know that you have finalized the clinic, book an appointment and discuss with the dentist your issue in detail to get the right cure.


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Why you actually need your wisdom tooth removed?

Wisdom teeth or the third molar is a word which we have been hearing since childhood, something we have grown up with. We have seen the elders in our family saying that their wisdom teeth is aching or that they have to visit the dentist or a dental clinic to get it fixed.

So, what exactly is a wisdom tooth? It is one of the three molars per quadrant of human dentition and the extreme posterior of the three. It generally appears between ages 17 and 25. Practically there are four wisdom teeth, one in each quadrant, but sometimes it is either more or less. When the number of wisdom teeth is more, it has to be removed or extracted, otherwise it impacts growth and look of other teeth and severely impacts the overall look of human dentition.

In Melbourne, there are lots of dental clinics that offer wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne. They provide all services related with wisdom tooth, its extraction, any emergency wisdom tooth pain that needs to be addressed or just a counseling to the patient who is anxious with the appearance of a new tooth in his dentition.

Wisdom teeth often causes problem, it appears at a later stage in life, sometimes later than 25 and when it appears, it might cause damage to other teeth. The eruption of new wisdom teeth might alter your existing tooth line and causes bite problem and pain in the mouth.

Clinics like Niddrie Dental clinic in Melbourne is good when it comes to extracting the aching wisdom teeth or you want to be cured of the pain in your mouth.

Why a wisdom teeth needs to be removed? These days it has become a practice to get your wisdom teeth removed. Your dentist will advise you to get your wisdom teeth removed even if it is not painful or causing other damage. Usually an oral surgery is done to extract wisdom tooth.  The major reason why it is extracted is it usually causes damage to other teeth, it is possible that your mouth is not big enough to manage one more tooth, but, still because it is not painful, so you avoid getting it extracted. But practically, it should be removed to avoid any other damage to the tooth line.

Sometimes, just in order to avoid surgery you abstain from extraction of tooth, which might result in bleeding in mouth or fracture in mouth and severe numbness and a temporary loss of jaw movement.

Wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne is offered by many clinics across Melbourne and caters to patients in nearby suburbs too. Treatment is done in clinics which are 100% safe and hygienic and the surgery is carried by dentists who are expert and qualified in dentistry. They take special care of any emergency cases like emergency wisdom tooth pain which has to be addressed immediately. The clinics are all equipped with latest and most-advanced machines and technology. Clinics like Niddrie Dental clinic also offer weekend appointment and 24 hour service to cure patients of any emergency related to wisdom tooth.

The main reasons when your wisdom tooth has to be removed include:

  1. When it is causing damage to other teeth.
  2. If there is any cyst that starts appearing in your mouth, it needs to be fixed, otherwise it damages your nerve and make your jaw hollow.
  3. If it is affecting your sinus and causing some pain.
  4. If there is an inflamed gum.
  5. If the tooth is resulting in the formation of cavities.
  6. If it is affecting dental crown, braces, bridges or partial dentures or any other dental work.


How the tooth is extracted:


Wisdom tooth is extracted across Melbourne and it is generally performed in the following ways:


  1. The surgery is treated as an out-patient service and oral surgery is carried out to remove the wisdom tooth.
  2. By giving patient a sedative and performed by a specialist who is an expert in wisdom tooth removal. Usually a surgical procedure is carried out under anesthetic effect.


If your dentist advice you for an out-patient surgery, it is easier and cheaper and takes less time. The other surgery is expensive and chances are you have to be admitted in the clinic for a day, until the anesthesia effect gets removed.


Clinics in Melbourne are equipped to manage both kinds of surgeries and wisdom tooth removal in Melbourne is carried out with precision and 100% success rates.

Clinic like Niddrie Dental clinics are known for their successful treatment of emergency wisdom tooth pain and treatment of wisdom tooth extraction with expertise and quality. If you want to know the symptoms that may hint you that it is time for you to get it removed, they are the following:

  1. If you are suffering from severe jaw pain or tenderness.
  2. If there is redness in your tooth line or mouth.
  3. If there is any swelling seen in your mouth.
  4. If you have bad breath.
  5. If you feel that the taste of the food is not proper or it is bitter.
  6. If you see appearance of cyst in your mouth.

If you find any of these symptoms, you must immediately consult a dental practitioner in Melbourne.

Wisdom tooth removal may or may not be an expensive process, it all depends upon which clinic and dentist you choose, they have set packages and you have to choose the one that suits your budget and convenience. The cost includes things like initial consultation, x-rays and then the process of tooth removal. It ranges between $250 and $450 and even higher. The factors that affect the cost include things like what is the process of extraction that you have chosen, your individual dentist, type of surgery. It is cost-effective if you have a dental insurance already.

Always remember that if you actually want to get it extracted, don’t wait and get it done as soon as possible. This way, you will save money and at a younger age, it is really less painful.

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