Dental care for Patients with patience and care at Niddrie Dental Clinic

A white tooth line is aspired by everyone, a kid looks neat and tidy with proper tooth line and white shining teeth, a teenager flaunts her smile showing off her tooth and an old age person boasts how he has kept his tooth healthy and germ free all throughout his life. A healthy tooth is not just to show how much you care for your dental hygiene, but it also reflects how healthy you are from inside.


At Niddrie Dental Clinic, we have qualified and experienced doctors and dentists who are dedicated to assist you at every step to enhance your dental care and to keep your mouth free from germs. We have a special emergency care department which is always on toes if there is any emergency related with tooth decay or an accident. Our team of cosmetic surgeon will always ensure that your tooth line is in place to give you that beautiful smile that will win many hearts.

Niddrie is a popular dental care clinic situated in Melbourne, Australia offering a range of dental services like general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, treatment for dentures, emergency services etc and our dentists are available 24×7 to treat your and give you relief from the aching tooth. We also offer the facility of weekend appointments so that in case you cannot make it to our clinic during the weekdays, we are still there to serve you on weekends and treat you with the same care and concern as we give to our other patients. Our services also include treatments related with scale and clean x-rays, veneers, tooth-whitening, dental care for children and custom-made mouth guards.

It is a general feeling in the patients suffering from tooth decay or disorder that a dental clinic which is so world-class will be an expensive option and they will end up spending huge amount of money without any proper relief to their tooth problem. But this a mere myth when we talk about Niddrie, although it is world-class with all the advanced dental care machines, but still, the clinic is very much affordable by all class of people and you don’t have to dig deeper in your pockets when someone recommends you to visit Niddrie.

We offer a much transparent fees structure to our patients, one which is not based on any differential fees system, instead, and one which is uniform for everyone. We offer No Gap Dental Treatments and we are Medicare & Health Fund Preferred Provider.

We also understand that most of the patients have a fear of visiting a dental care clinic, because they have a perception that they will have to undergo surgeries like root canal or other related with dental care and has to bear pain and take lot of medications. But at Niddire, we have specially taken care of this fact and deal with patients with patience and care, calm them and counsel them on what is suitable them, whether a surgery is required or not and what would be the cost implications etc.

Niddrie is a one stop solution for all your dental issues and you can be sure to get a satisfactory result every time you visit.


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